Different Ideas to Customize Sleeve Boxes

The importance product packaging holds at the moment is immense and is not only used to protect the product. Even though the primary purpose of the packaging is to keep the product safe, brands are using product packaging as a marketing tool and to attract more and more customers. With the revolution in the packaging industry, brands now have access to uncountable options, and those options also include different types of product packaging.

The market is full of different styles of packaging, and you need to look for packaging that is attractive and keeps the product away from any possible damage. For this, you need to look no further than sleeve packaging. This is one of the few packaging styles that can work in almost every industry because they are very presentable and can turn heads.

Customizing your sleeve boxes will do wonders for your brand, and you can’t miss out on that. In this blog, we will tell you about different ideas you can use to get the best custom sleeve boxesfor your brand. If that sounds appealing, then let’s hop into it.

Use Die-Cuts 

One of the best ways to customize your sleeve boxes is by using die-cuts on your product packaging. Customers are looking for a type of packaging that is classy and elegant and die-cuts on your sleeve packaging will help you achieve this. Die cuts on your sleeve packaging can be made into any shape your brand requires.

The best part about die-cuts is that it partially shows the product to the customer so that they can look at the thing they are investing their hard-earned money on. This makes them believe that you aren’t trying to hide your product behind beautiful packaging, and also makes them feel confident while purchasing the product, and this is what you want. In short, using custom die-cut sleeve boxes is one of the best possible decisions you can take.

Surprise Your Customers 

One thing that customers love more than anything when it comes to their product is getting surprised. Customers love it when they get what they weren’t expecting, and this includes inside printing. Die-cuts allow the customers to see the product, and customers have the same expectation, and you can catch them off guard by printing the insides of your product packaging.

If you think that it will cost you too much, then you are wrong because it will only cost you around five to ten cents. This might sound like a lot to some brand owners, but when you look at the benefits it provides, you will heavily splash money on it. Also, you can use the insides of your packaging to print what you weren’t able to print on the outside because of the lesser room.

Go For Digital Print 

The printing technique you choose can help you with your budget or ruin it completely. Many packaging designers agree on the fact that digital printing influences the purchase decision of the customers, and they will prefer your product if they opt for this type of printing. This style of printing can be done by any brand, but it makes the most sense for smaller brands because they are cost-effective compared to offset printing.

If you want to place a huge order and save the extra cost, then digital printing is the way to go. Plus, it offers a quick turnaround time because digital printing doesn’t require a long process.

Make The Sleeves Eco-Friendly 

Customers are more educated than they ever have been, and they are aware of environmental health issues. Customers want to see a brand trying its best to play its part in stopping this issue from getting even worse. Yes, you are in the market to build a brand and make money, and using eco-friendly material for your custom sleeve packaging will help you a ton.

When you use eco-friendly packaging, customers get that your brand has a driving force, and word of mouth spreads like wildfire making your brand reach more and more customers. This will also help you make more money because customers will prefer your brand over the others, and also, eco-friendly packaging is cheaper than your standard packaging. Just don’t forget to flaunt it when you use such packaging so that customers are aware of the fact.

Use Foil Stamps to Your Advantage 

Everyone wants to get their hands on premium products, but not everyone has got the budget to do that, but this shouldn’t happen to your customers. You can make your customers believe that you are offering premium products on a budget if you do small things like use foil stamps on your packaging. A gold or silver foil stamp will instantly give luxurious vibes to your product. You can even slightly overcharge them for it if you want, but it’s not recommended.

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