Chest Supported Dumbbell Row for Thicker and Stronger Back

If you’re looking for a way to build a thicker and stronger back, the chest supported dumbbell row is a great exercise to add to your routine. This move targets both muscle groups Back and Biceps while minimizing stress on the lower back, making it ideal for those seeking to avoid injury. Plus, it’s a relatively simple movement to execute, so even beginners can get started building strength with this exercise.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to perform chest supported dumbbell rows, the benefits of incorporating them into your workout routine, and tips for getting the most out of this exercise.

Chest Supported Dumbbell Row Muscles Worked

The dumbbell chest supported row primarily works the upper back muscles, including the rhomboid, traps, and lats. It also engages the biceps, rear shoulders, and core to a lesser degree. The chest-supported position ensures that the lower back is stabilized throughout the exercise, reducing strain on this area.

How to Perform Dumbbell Chest Supported Row?

1. To begin, place a chest-supported row machine or chest support bench in front of a rack with a pair of dumbbells.

2. Grab the dumbbells and kneel on the chest support bench.

3. Position your chest against the chest support pad and slightly bend both knees.

4. Hold the dumbbells with an overhand grip, ensuring your arms are straight and your palms are facing inwards as you do this.

5. Keeping your chest pressed against the pad, take hold of the dumbbells and pull them towards your chest. It is important that you bend your elbows when doing so and squeeze the shoulder blades together as you do so.

6. Once your elbows are close to your chest, pause before slowly returning to the starting position.

7. Repeat this movement for the desired number of repetitions.

Benefits of Chest-Supported Dumbbell Row

There are a number of benefits to using chest-supported dumbbells in order to strengthen your upper back and biceps. It helps to improve your posture, as it works the muscles that help to keep your chest up and shoulders back. Additionally, because of its chest-supported position, this move is safe for individuals at risk of lower back injury.

Mistakes to Avoid

When performing chest supported dumbbell rows, it’s essential to make sure you’re maintaining proper form throughout the exercise. Keep your chest pressed against the chest support pad and maintain a slight knee bend. Avoid jerking or swinging the weights, as this can put you at risk of injury. Additionally, keep your shoulder blades pulled back throughout the entire movement. While it may be tempting to let them relax, this can reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.

Essential Tips

To get the most out of chest-supported dumbbell rows, focus on using proper form and maintaining a slow and controlled tempo throughout the exercise. Additionally, you can increase the difficulty by adding weight or increasing the number of repetitions. Finally, be sure to take your time when performing chest supported rows – don’t rush through them, as this could reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.


The chest supported dumbbell row is a great way to build strength in your upper back and biceps while minimizing stress on your lower back. Following the steps outlined above ensures you’re getting the most out of this exercise. With regular practice, you’ll soon be able to feel the benefits of chest-supported dumbbell rows.

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